The Connection between Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Loss

vitamin d deficiency and hair loss

Vitamins are known as one of the most important substances that needed by our body. Each vitamin has its own functions and properties. Vitamin A for example is considered as a very good substance that could keep your eyes healthy. Vitamin E is known for its function in keeping your skins healthy. Not having enough vitamins on your food might cause several health problems depend on which type of vitamin that is deficient.

Vitamin deficiency could bring several health problems such as unhealthy skins or lack of vision. Other common problem of vitamin deficiency is hair loss. For years, vitamin d deficiency and hair loss are known for having a very significant connection. Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins that you need for hair growth. The absence or the lack of this vitamin on your food might cause several hair problems includes hair loss. Basically, the deficiency of vitamin D could be detected through several symptoms. These symptoms are:

1. Weakness. Vitamin D is very important in distributing energy in your body and help to build your muscle. The lack of vitamin D could lead to improper energy distribution and unhealthy muscle condition. These two are the main cause of weakness that could be considered as symptom of vitamin D deficiency.

2. Pain in the joints. Vitamin D is also known could help minerals build your bone structure. The lack of vitamin D could cause pain in the joints and several parts of your bone. This symptom is considered as the most common symptom after vitamin d deficiency and hair loss problem.

3. Muscle cramp. This symptom is similar to weakness, caused by the poor function of your muscle due to the vitamin D deficiency. Your muscle needs proper amount of vitamin D in order to works properly. Without the proper amount of vitamin D you might have muscle cramp or any other muscle problems.

Vitamin D deficiency in women might also cause hair loss problem. The connection between vitamin d deficiency and hair loss in women could be explained as the lack of vitamin D which leads to the damaging of follicle. The damaged follicle will obstruct the growth of your hair and could lead to hair loss.

You could prevent the vitamin D deficiency by consuming vitamins product that available in the market. You also could plan your diet and get enough foods which contain proper amount of vitamin D. don’t forget to consult your personal doctor to get any useful advice about your vitamin D intake.

You could solve your vitamin

d deficiency and hair loss problem easily if you know how to get the proper source of vitamin D. Cheese, butter, fishes, margarine, fortified milk, and cereals are some good example of proper source of vitamin D.

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